Algo Trading In 3 Simple Steps

Traders are interested in using Algo Trading but complex programming makes it impossible. We bring to you which makes algo trading easy in 3 simple steps.
Algo Trading In 3 Simple Steps

Algorithm or Algo Trading is still fresh in the Indian Market and sometimes it becomes a humongous task to use Algo Trading on internet platforms. Even if the traders are interested in using Algo Trading but the complex programming or user interface makes it impossible. So to solve this issue, we bring to you which makes algo trading easy in 3 simple steps.

But before we let you understand the 3 simple steps, first let us know how to sign up at -

  1. Registration - Register at by writing down some simple details. Once it is complete, click on the submit button.

  2. Approval - Your account would be verified, once this is completed you are ready to use

  3. Login - After verification, traders can log in.

  4. Choose - Choose your current plan and trading limits. We also have a 7-day trial for all traders.

  5. Zerodha - Traders have to link their Zerodha accounts and once this is complete, you are ready to go!


Step 1: Create Your Strategies

  • After the registration is completed, the trader has to choose the stock he/she wants to invest.

  • Traders need to select interval candlestick of the stocks. Interval candlestick is of the stock with reference to open, high, low and close (OHLC).

  • The trader needs to decide whether he is creating a strategy to buy or sell the stock. He/she will also set the quantity of the stock he wants to buy/sell.

  • Next comes the most important step which is the condition (indicators).

    1. We at give you the opportunity to create a strategy at the entry or exit of the trade.

    2. You can even create a strategy for both entering and exiting the trade. The best of this platform is you can create multiple strategies at the same time.

    3. Based on the combination of the indicators, you can enter or exit the trade.  

    4. Some of the commonly used indicators in intraday trading are a simple moving average, exponential moving average, weighted moving average, and other 50+ indicators.

  • Last but not the least, give a name to your strategy.

  • Once your strategy is set, the trader can save it and can find it on 'Strategy List'


Step 2: Deploy Your Strategies

  • Once you create your strategies, you can deploy them multiple times.

  • Traders will see two strategies, one is the ‘Strategy List’ and ‘Live Strategy List’.

  • Once the trader will click on the play button, the strategies will be initiated and the stock will move to the ‘Live Strategy List’.

  • The traders can anytime start or stop the strategy.


Step 3: Trade to check all actions and live positions

  • Once the strategy is initiated, traders can see the position and situation of the stocks on the broker account.

  • Here the traders get complete information about the profits & stocks


By following these 3 steps, you can begin your journey of Algo Trading with

Written By -
Shivank Srivastava
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University