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Every investor must have encountered a situation when he thought: I should have acted a few moments earlier. Yes, the truth is that human mind takes a few second to take a decision. In today’s fluctuating and sometimes volatile market it is of utmost importance to implement your trading strategy at the right moment. Online algo trading is your trading support system to let you implement your trading strategy without indulging in coding. We do coding for carrying out market research so that you can achieve your dreams.

Algo Trading is a computer programs which analyse market data based on pre-defined parameters. It analyzes your instructions and places your trades to the stock exchange, thereby reducing time taken to do it manually.

The manual trading as well as Algo Trading both require analysis of signals, charts and trends. It requires your own preferences, decision logic and selection rules. Once the logic and rules are set then the trading decision taken by the computer is much faster. This also eliminates human error and emotions from the decision-making process, thereby reducing the risks involved.